10 ways to know a long trip is around the corner

  1. The Hitchhiker

    Not even a change of wardrobe indicates that time is passing. Why add to the pile of laundry that must be done before we hit the road? (We aren’t leaving the studio anyway!)


  3. Culinary creativity is at an all time high as we try to clean out the fridge. Many of these “masterpieces” should never be attempted again.
  4. The smart phone is no longer smart enough to contain the to-do list, which must now be omnipresent on a legal pad.

  6. I’m planning get togethers with people so far out in the future that they think I have accidentally skipped a month in my calendar.

  8. The sales tax and insurance fairies have not made their appearances, so the day of reckoning is finally here for the dreaded things on the list that can’t be put off any longer.

  10. I think I remember this from algebra: 4 cats x 6 weeks = 2 shopping carts of food and litter + the checker exclaiming “Well goodness, HOW MANY CATS do you have?”

  12. Impending house sitter makes every blemish or shortcoming of our house look like it has a neon sign around it.


    The Corner


  14. Kyle wants to have BLTs for lunch everyday before we travel out of “midwest summer tomato range.”

  16. The studio is so full of new artwork you can barely walk around. And I look at them and think “that is the best piece I have ever made…no that one is… no that one…”

  18. The oppressive heat of late summer in KC has subsided, trying to trick us into thinking we don’t really need to leave. You’re welcome fellow Kansas Citians.

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