10 ways to know a long trip is around the corner

  1. The Hitch­hik­er

    Not even a change of wardrobe indi­cates that time is pass­ing. Why add to the pile of laun­dry that must be done before we hit the road? (We aren’t leav­ing the stu­dio any­way!)


  3. Culi­nary cre­ativ­i­ty is at an all time high as we try to clean out the fridge. Many of these “mas­ter­pieces” should nev­er be attempt­ed again.
  4. The smart phone is no longer smart enough to con­tain the to-do list, which must now be omnipresent on a legal pad.

  6. I’m plan­ning get togeth­ers with peo­ple so far out in the future that they think I have acci­den­tal­ly skipped a month in my cal­en­dar.

  8. The sales tax and insur­ance fairies have not made their appear­ances, so the day of reck­on­ing is final­ly here for the dread­ed things on the list that can’t be put off any longer.

  10. I think I remem­ber this from alge­bra: 4 cats x 6 weeks = 2 shop­ping carts of food and lit­ter + the check­er exclaim­ing “Well good­ness, HOW MANY CATS do you have?”

  12. Impend­ing house sit­ter makes every blem­ish or short­com­ing of our house look like it has a neon sign around it.


    The Cor­ner


  14. Kyle wants to have BLTs for lunch every­day before we trav­el out of “mid­west sum­mer toma­to range.”

  16. The stu­dio is so full of new art­work you can bare­ly walk around. And I look at them and think “that is the best piece I have ever made…no that one is… no that one…”

  18. The oppres­sive heat of late sum­mer in KC has sub­sided, try­ing to trick us into think­ing we don’t real­ly need to leave. You’re wel­come fel­low Kansas Citians.

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