2018 — Let’s do this!

This year just start­ed, and it’s already look­ing good — the stu­dio is hop­ping! I’ve got some shows on the cal­en­dar in pen and a few more wait­ing to be inked in (I’m look­ing at you, St Louis and Ore­gon). So here’s my sched­ule as of today:

Main St. Fort Worth Arts Fes­ti­val, Brook­side Art Annu­al, Old Town Art Fair, Des Moines Arts Fes­ti­val, Cher­ry Creek Arts Fes­ti­val, Plaza Art Fair, and a show at the Sager | Braud­is Gallery

You can get more info about my exhi­bi­tion sched­ule here.

I’m also doing more and more speak­ing, includ­ing two talks in Feb­ru­ary one in St. Joseph, MO the oth­er in Boca Raton, FL. (Three guess­es as to which one I am look­ing for­ward to the most!)

One of the metaphors we use in Artist, Inc. is the fly­wheel. We ask our artists to think of their careers as a fly­wheel, with the knowl­edge that a fly­wheel has a lot of mass to get in motion. You’ll push and push, and for a while you’ll think that your effort is wast­ed. But even­tu­al­ly, if you just keep push­ing, that fly­wheel will start to rotate. And as you feel it move, you just keep on push­ing, and it gets faster and faster, until you get to a point where it feels like the fly­wheel is mov­ing of its own voli­tion, pulling you along. I’m final­ly there, and I’m hav­ing to hold on tight!


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