A Commission in Pictures

A Love Story

Each commissioned work that I do has a little different tale. Here is the story of one such piece that came to live in the Denver area.

We met last summer at Cherry Creek Art Festival, and they picked their Mile Marker.I sent them a couple of digital mock-ups to see how I might layout a triptych for them.Weighted in the middle or evenly spaced?They sent me a photograph of the intended location with some measurements for reference. And I mocked up a couple of more images for them to get an idea of scale.as it relates to a pink shopping cart :)They decided which they prefered and then comes the art making part that I always forget to photograph. But here it is living on a shelf at the top of the studio while it dries. After six weeks of drying time Kyle framed it.Some money changed hands.Although this is what money changing hands looks like now!It just fit in the car, so Kyle didn't have to drive our enormous van to Colorado...across I-70 in the snow.Kyle is a master installer!Ta-Da!And an added bonus when artwork is being installed while valentines are being made!



  1. CCJ February 13, 2014 at 3:10 pm #

    As the owner of this commissioned piece, the pink shopping cart and the Vanna White impersonator, I will add some personal information that proves this piece was meant to be in our lives. We moved to Denver FROM KANSAS CITY about two weeks prior to the Cherry Creek Art Show. My mom offered to sit the kids overnight for us at some point during her three week stay around the move. My husband and I decided to venture to a hotel in Cherry Creek and without really planning around attending the art show. When we realized it was happening we decided to stroll. We knew we had a need in our new house for large scale work above the fireplace and while we’ve gone to many art shows in the past this time seemed different because we were whizzing past anyone that had only small works and we focused in on anyone with the big stuff. We have many nature photos and scenery photography and paintings in our home…the natural is our style. When we pondered Chris’ work for some time and then met her and learned that she was from Kansas City and saw that her Mile Marker works were very reminiscent of the path we had just driven weeks before to move our family over 600 miles to our new life – we figured it was all meant to be and went for it! We debated a bit on which Mile Marker…this selection was my husband’s first choice – he loves the perspective the fence adds to the space. His selection was perfect!

    • Chris February 13, 2014 at 3:19 pm #

      Thanks for sharing your part of the story! It has been a really fun process and I know y’all will enjoy it for years to come. Only sad I didn’t get to join Kyle for the installation. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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