Architecture as Teacher

There are a lot of poets in Guanajuato

I have been thinking about the poets a lot this last week. Having never known an ex-pat community anywhere else, I don’t know if this is unusual or the nature of those prone to leave the US. Perhaps poets are just naturally drawn to the magical town of Guanajuato. Or perhaps it is something about studying and living amongst another language. I know that Kyle and I have been speaking in a type of shorthand, both in English and in Spanish. When I am uncertain of the pronouns and all the little connector words, it seems that ideas get distilled down to the most basic elements. So much so that all of the complex ideas I had about life here in Guanajuato spilled out of my head in four simple lines this morning.

The Teacher

silently yield to one another.
move slightly to make passage.
patient in the steps.
there is room for everyone.


silently yield to one another

move slightly to make passage

patient in the steps

there is room for everyone


What do you think? Have you lived as an ex-pat?

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  1. bigjim February 1, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    ese lugar es bueno para usted!! xoj

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