Art Emergency!

Yep it happens – art emergencies.


  • Someone has forgotten a birthday until this very moment – and they were supposed to be at the celebration 30 minutes ago.
  • A couple believes they have commissioned a piece of artwork for the dining room, they think it will be ready before Thanksgiving dinner, but neither of them spoke with the artist.
  • There is an art opening planned and publicized, but no art arrives to open.

I am happy to report that at this point in my career these are not typically my emergencies, rather I have advanced to become the solution to said emergencies. So I might not have “solve blindness” on my to-do list like my friend Christina (who, btw, should get a huge whopping bonus if she gets to mark that one off!), but I am quite capable and equipped to render art related triage.

The result of the latest triage is a show I would be happy to have hanging anywhere (even with more than 12 hours notice), but especially since it will be in my own Columbus Park neighborhood. If you haven’t seen my previous body of work, “Collective Memories”, or you would like to revisit it, please swing by this Friday, May 18th to Columbus Park’s hottest new dinner spot, Pandolfi’s Deli.


Collective Memories

by Chris Dahlquist


538 Campbell

Kansas City, MO 64106

Saturday 2LiveGiantClownThin ManEmmittFortune TellerCandied ApplesSaturday 3Human Art GalleryI Fly Away

Have an art emergency or want to learn more about the Collective Memories show please contact me.

Have you had a art emergency? Oh, and have you read Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern? I finished it yesterday and it makes me want to revisit these images and treat them in a different way! The first line of the description seems to fit with my week quiet well:

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”


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