Artist as Entrepreneur

Make Art Your Living

Some of you may know that I am passionate about helping artists learn the business skills they need to have sustainable art practices. It comes from a fundamental belief that we need the voice of artists to lead the way for social change, to teach empathy, and to make our world a better place. If artists can create financially sustainable practices, they can continue to contribute in meaningful ways. Otherwise we run the risk of silencing voices that we most need to hear from.

To this end, I not only work with artists but with the business, city government and economic development communities to help them realize the benefits of having artists as leaders in the community.

Learn more about my involvement in this article published by KC Source Link for We Create the annual report on the state of entrepreneurship in Kansas City.

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  1. Nancy Wilkins March 26, 2017 at 9:32 pm #

    I am very proud of you Christy, and I am sure your Uncle John is smiling too! Keep up the good work. You are truly an inspiration to our society.

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