Being Nice, Doing Good with Midwest Music Foundation

Being Nice and Doing Good in January

(Learn how to Be Nice and Do Good)

What can I win besides that good feeling deep in my soul?

Inspired by the dauggereotypes of the early 19th century, for this piece I paired a Polaroid emulsion transfer with copper that I patinated with acids and flame. I worked on this series from 2000 until the end of Polaroid’s production in 2008. Revisiting this piece reminds me how much I appreciate the varied and organic quality of the copper combined with the image. With only half a dozen of these original copper and Polaroid pieces left, and without the means to create more, looking through them again is like visiting old friends.


11"x14"x1.5", Polaroid emulsion transfer on patinated copper

Speaking of friends…Who do I love that is Doing Good?

Midwest Music Foundation

Midwest Music Foundation, (MMF) is a grassroots organization that combines 2 things I am passionate about: professional development education to help musicians create sustainable careers, and health initiatives to keep these talented musicians playing music (with both preventative care and grants available in case a health incident creates a shortfall).

MMF does a lot more but I’ll let these extraordinarily capable people tell you in their own words.

Or let the beautiful and talented Kasey Rausch tell you why MMF matters.




Donate Now



Send me your name and the amount of your donation. (I don’t care how much your donation is. I know that whatever you give is your best effort. But I’d like to know the amount that you gave so we can see how doing good adds up.)

The first week of February, I will draw a name at random from all those that donated in January. Watch your email box and the blog to know if you are the winner, and I will contact you to get your address and put it in the mail to you. Then next month we will go again! I’ll select another piece of artwork to give away, and some good people to introduce you to that I know could use your support.


Questions? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Please give feedback in the comments, and together we will make this project nice and good!

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