Bests of 2011 #5 – The Plaza Art Fair you don’t see.

I traveled to my first art festival in May of 2000 and on my return home I exclaimed to Kyle, “I have found my people!”

That is as true today as it was in 2000, and continues to be the one of the major highlights of doing shows. And so it is bittersweet in September when we get to the end of our season of travel and spend the last few days with our crazy talented friends that are scattered across the country. Fortunately for us this last hurrah of the season is the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, which gives us the opportunity to host our friends. We fill our house and studios (and now our new trailer) to overflowing with the most talented visual artists we know. Then on Sunday night we host a party for all the artists that can make it – the night is filled with many stories, and much laughter and music. It has definitely become one of the highlights of our year, and one we always look forward to. But there is more…

With the fun that everyone is having and the knowledge that it might be half a year before we see one another again, the party has been extending, so much so that now it continues through the week. As we say good-bye to those that have to hit the road, many of the closest stay and indulge in more laughing, junking, music-making, card playing, and world’s problem solving, all at the languid speed of a summer beach vacation.  It’s reminiscent of when I was a teenager on the phone with my boyfriend, not wanting to say goodbye – “You hang up.”  “No, you hang up.”  “No, you hang up.”  “You hang up.”

I have found my people and I love them!

Jim C BrownPaul Andrews Beth Bojarski and Mark WinterDamian VelasquezChris Bruno and Lynn WhippleJohn WhippleGregory Story (we missed you at the party this year!)Audrey HellerDamian Velasquez and Lisa BurgeLisa Burge and Lynn WhippleJim Brown and Beth BojarskiLynn WhippleGregory Story and Jim BrownSo much laughingSoo tired


  1. bigjim January 5, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    youre such a sweetie! miss you too!!xoj

    • Chris January 5, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

      I can hear you laughing in that picture!

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