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Nathan Granner

I was raised as a preacher’s kid, which meant that I spent a lot of time in church. And because I was convinced that I couldn’t sing hymns, when it was time for everyone to sing them, I would stand and noiselessly mouth the interminable words of ALL the verses as instructed in the program, the hymnal would weigh at least 30 pounds as we began verse 3 and be up to 50 by verse 5, and I would be rudely interrupted from solving the math problems that had been written on my bulletin to occupy my time (yes, I was that nerd). So growing up I didn’t really understand my grandfather’s love of hymns, or how he would sit in the chancel and beam with delight when his favorite singers Ann or Bob would sing their annual Christmastime solos (or his lament that one year when Ann was absent).


But my good friend Nathan Granner has made me understand.



Nathan Granner and Ben Gulley, both operatic tenors known world wide as two of The American Tenors from the Sony Masterworks label, have been joined by pianist Mark Lowrey to record Hymn – Songs of Great Faith, which includes the songs Amazing Grace, Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, At the River, and more. Now at last, like my grandfather, I have my favorite singers of hymns! And while this isn’t a Christmas album per se, it is still perfect for Christmas time. I know you have someone on your list that will love it.

Thank you Nathan and Ben for bringing back so many memories. They, and you, are beautiful!

Purchase (and hear samples from) Hymn on cdbaby here.

Learn more about Gulley/Granner  or purchase directly here.



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