Breathe and be Thankful

In the last few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I got to where I am right now, and where I want to go next. The end of my travel season always becomes a time of reflection as I slow down, take stock and begin to make plans for the following year.

So I am thankful that I have been given many opportunities for this reflection. I was asked by Art Fair Insider to write a piece about my path, I will be giving a Pecha Kucha about my artistic journey tonight at a ArtsKC donor event, and I have spent the last ten weeks carefully planning out the next photographic series that I am undertaking. Additionally, I have been honored to support and encourage a friend through his tenure application, question and listen as another friend makes job change decisions, and in Artist Inc, mentor some really talented artists through the planning phase of their next big projects.

Grown-up time moves so fast that if we don’t purposely slow down, take a deep breath, and take a look at our surroundings we can get lost. So I encourage you, as the holidays barrel towards us, as we take time to be thankful, to take a look around, check the rear-view mirror, be amazed at the altimeter telling you how far you have climbed, and do a little check in to be sure you are still on the right road.

And in this hectic season that is upon us I hope my artwork provides a reminder and a space to just breathe.


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  1. blj November 16, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    Beautiful words! I am thankful for you!!!

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