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As the countdown to Christmas officially begins, I have been thinking about what is important to Kyle and me and how we live that through this season. The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate what is the center of our life – to live creatively and to support others that do the same.

For the last couple of years, we have been able to successfully embody that in our gift giving by only giving things we or our friends have made. We try to take buying local one step further and “Buy Personal”. We buy from people we know, that made something with their hands, thought something up in their brain, got together with friends, and said, “Hey I have a great idea.” And when you know that person’s name, know their story, know the money you pass to them will be used to continue to live their passion, it makes the whole world feel like a small town. These creators are the people that make life rich around us. These are the gifts we are giving this holiday season because when we buy from a creative, we are actually giving two gifts. We are telling two people, “I care about you and I really think you two should meet.”

We are so lucky to have so many talented artists and creators in our life, and I want to share our riches with you! I would love for you to meet every one of our friends and then you too can buy personal!  I assure you that we can introduce you someone that is making a gift for everyone on your list, from the smallest toddler to the trickiest recipient (hello Dad) and everyone in between.


Today, I would like you to meet Erin McGrane & Jeff Freling!


Erin McGrane & Jeff Freling


These beautiful people are our dearest friends and fantastic musicians. Jeff and Kyle began playing music together in 1987 and have played together ever since, even thru the decade Jeff spent in Chicago playing with the Blue Man Group. And I took promo photos of Erin’s first band, Blue Museum, in 1990, well before her appearance alongside George Clooney in Up In the Air. And despite the scheduling complications of four busy lives, we have remained great friends family and supporters of one another through all of our creative projects, including their newest. You need to know about it!


Victor and Penny, Live at the Living Room Theatre

Victor and Penny

Performing as the duo Victor and Penny they are touring the country performing antique pop from coast to coast, performing over 150 dates in the last year. If we could get our travel dates to line up better it would be perfect, but at least we are lucky that we all come home to Kansas City. And this holiday season we are lucky to join them in the celebration of their new CD: Victor and Penny and their Loose Change Orchestra , Live at the Living Room Theatre


This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Learn more and buy their CD.


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