By the numbers

With the unrelenting triple digit temperatures in Kansas City, Kyle and I are counting the days (ten) until we leave for our NorthWest tour. So being the number geek that I am, and facing a full day of writing, I decided to count a few things first.


Our trip by the numbers:


  • 38 days of travel
  • 3 shows
  • 8 days of showing
  • 5,000+ miles of driving
  • 82+ hours of driving
  • 4 hours before we run out of things to talk about
  • 10 states
  • 1 province
  • 41 feet of vehicle
  • 1,230 number of songs we have time to listen to while driving
  • 19,595 number of songs we will have with us
  • 5,920 elevation of Sun Valley Art Fair
  • 60 lineal feet of display space in Art in the Pearl
  • 130,000 patrons at Saint Louis Art Fair
  • 95 pieces of artwork
  • ??? number of days it will take to recover

So many more things I could count today, but for now I need to write 1400 words, to answer 10 questions, to prepare for Artist Inc 2.


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  1. bigjim July 26, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    19 days til i see ur smiling face!! miss you!

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