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I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I did write a manifesto at the beginning of our six week camping trip last summer. A declaration of my intentions for the time away from our normal routine were written on an easily accessible index card that was shoved in my pocket, my backpack, the dash of the van or wherever I was most likely to see it. And, when we returned home, I carried it in my bag where I would see it every time I went for my keys.

What served me well on my vacation continues to serve me well at home, and at the risk of sounding trite, has made home a little more like vacation.

A little worse for wear.

A little worse for wear.

Manifesto, resolution, intentions, mantra whatever you want to call it I plan to continue it on into 2016.


How about you? Do you make resolutions? Manifestos? A word of the year (which I can’t resist since I love individual words so much)? A theme?

Simple Luxuries

I’m not going to lie, as much as I love traveling, and no matter how itchy my feet become when I am stationary for too long, I also love my home, my community and the life Kyle and I have built in Kansas City. Sometimes it is truly hard to leave. And each summer as we begin our summer tour, we are faced with finding someone that will look after our house and take care of our household of furry companions. But what’s truly amazing is when find something more, someone that will look after and love our home as much as we do. We are so lucky to have found that person this year, the multi-talented artist that we adore, Megan Gallant.

How wonderful it is to come home to this note from Megan!


Things I love about this house

  • The simple but fantastic layout – I like to use both the upstairs and downstairs sitting areas, depending on my mood
  • That I can set my favorite temperature in the upstairs shower and it doesn’t change when I turn the water on and off
  • Everything on top of the downstairs bathroom counter, including the sink – wonderful collection of objects*
  • Beautiful yummy local veggies through your CSA!
  • National Geographics laying around the house. I love this magazine!
  • The fantastic collection of cooking spices and fresh herbs in pots out back 


*Sink by artist Conner Burns, art objects by Justin Teilhet, Cathy Broski & Kyle Osvog

Reason #2 to host a workshop

As an artist creating work full-time with lots of deadlines, it is easy to get stuck in my studio, stuck in my head, stuck in my way of doing things. It is essential to me (and all artists) that we give ourselves the space and time to play creatively. This is where new ideas come from. This is where we find a new approach to our work. New stories that we want to tell. Often we are not very good at allowing ourselves the space and time to do that, to explore without expectations. Continue reading »

Filling our house with awesome!

This our favorite weekend of the whole year. The Plaza Art Fair is here, which means most of our very favorite people from around the country gather in Kansas City to share their artwork. And lucky for us those very talented people choose to spend time at our house! (which means very little sleep but lots of inspiration)


Visit the google map here and click on the stars to see who is under our roof!

(Sorry the code has defeated me this morning or it would be interactive right here on my site, but we were up late solving the problems of the world and I have an art exhibit to put together! Better luck next time)

The Western Expansion

2,200 miles of travel! (so far)


Continue reading »

Peace of the week, June 24

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” — Anais Nin


Mile Marker 349, 35x51


Please contact me if you are interested in adding this or any other piece to your collection.

Godley Texas to London England

Most of the conversations I had with individuals over the weekend may have faded from my (now warm) ears, but I found another reminder of why I love art festivals. As I typed my new collector’s information into my data base, amidst the banality, I was struck by the diversity of the addresses. Continue reading »

My refuge

Our van and bags are packed and we are driving to the Des Moines Arts Festival today. I love the show. I love the citywide support. I love the director and his team of staff and volunteers. And I will be happy to be there and to see everyone, including some of my best friends.

But that doesn’t mean that I am not always a bit sad to leave my studio. When the work tables are cleared and the artwork from the walls is packed for travel, I usually find myself lingering. There is something about the bareness that allows my mind to wander and dream up all of the things I wish to make on my return. The freedom provided when the last thing is checked off the pre-travel to-do list fills me with energy and inspiration like no other time. A conundrum I suppose…

Good-bye studio, until we meet again.


Front studio with empty walls
back studio

Can you relate?

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Staying present

Day one back in spanish classes went better than I expected. I am getting my ears back and one of our friends said she could hear that our speech was improving. Which is great considering the server at lunch on Friday said, “Please just speak in English.” Hurrah!

I also realized that one of the best things about studying a language while on vacation is that it requires you to stay in the present. At least for now – as that is the only verb tense we know! Not a bad way to be while traveling.

Taking a small break from study


Do you think I can use that as an excuse for not learning the other tenses?

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The same river?

“You cannot step into the same river twice.”


This year Kyle and I drove the country from Florida to the tip-top corner of Washington, passing by thousands of miles of various terrain.  Everything from marshes to mountains to the “empty” spaces that speak so much to me.  It’s at these subtle, nondescript locations all across the country that I take my photographs.  So imagine the wonder when I printed Mile Marker 225 and thought to myself, “This looks too familiar.  Have I printed it before?”

I found the answer to be yes and no.  Searching through my files of finished pieces, I found Mile Marker 181.  Out of the almost infinite number of places I could shoot, I was so drawn to this particular spot that I shot it twice – but in two different years. The angle is a little different, the fields are in different states, but it is a nearly identical shot.  I suppose I was so drawn to this particular vista that I needed to see it again.  Mark the changes.  Check on the river.


Mile Marker 225, 35x51


Mile Marker 181, 35x51


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