CuddleFish Clothing – Sage Billig

Kyle and I have been committed to buying from people we know for the holidays, but sometimes we have a hard time finding something for the smallest people on our lists. Not anymore now that our good friend Sage Billig is making CuddleFish Clothing!

Sage, her husband Ben, and her family are dear friends of ours. How lucky we are to know multiple generations of both of their talented, compassionate families. (Fun fact: Kyle and I both sport tattoos done by her sister Jen.)

Jen, Sage and Ari sporting Kyle mustaches

The adventures we have had with Sage and Ben are too many to count; we have camped together all the way from the Florida Keys to the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. And although we don’t get to see them near enough now that they are staying closer to home, we are having a blast watching their latest adventure unfold – the parenting of their most awesome little dude, Ari. Little Ari, and Sage’s eye to the future of his planet, have inspired her current creation.


CuddleFish Clothing

one of a kind clothing for babies and children,

made by hand from upcycled cotton



Visit Sage’s website and then contact her directly. As with any one of a kind item it is difficult to represent it all online. But believe me, I was just in Sage’s Arkansas studio a couple of weeks ago and she has a fantastic assortment of amazing clothing ready to send to the special little someone on your list.

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