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You can still shop personal on Cyber Monday


I don’t know about you, but I opened up my email this morning to a huge pile of online retailers with tantalizing offers for Cyber Monday specials. Amazon, with their monolithic army of marketers and one-click purchasing, has made it exceedingly easy for us to part with our money, but along with it goes much of the sentiment of the season.

So today, I introduce you to another artist that makes it just as easy, but will embue your gift with deeper meaning. You can buy knowing you are supporting her and her family, and not a nameless, faceless corporation.


When you know their name the whole world becomes like a small town.


Lulu Smith

I have known jeweler Lulu Smith since I began doing shows. You know those small encounters with someone that make a big impact in your life, but remains unknown to the other party? Although she doesn’t know it, that is my story with Lulu. I was acquainted with her, and just happened into a trunk show she was having in Columbia, Missouri at what is now the Perlow-Stevens Gallery. Lulu’s confidence in the way Jennifer Perlow would represent her and her work helped persuade me to also enter into a relationship with the gallery. As you probably know, it has evolved into a longstanding and great partnership with them.

Lulu is no longer traveling, and has spent the last few years staying closer to her Seattle home to raise her beautiful kiddos, but I have continued to stalk see her beautiful jewelry online. I missed her, but I was pleased to catch up with her husband, Matthew Landkammer, who was showing his paintings at a show we were at in Sun Valley, ID. Matthew and I have a shared aesthetic, and I was super excited to purchase one of his mini paintings for our camper. (Yep, we even have original art in our trailer! Why not?)


Right Now

Go buy from her gallery now because unlike corporate cyberville, each piece is unique and could be gone before you get around to jammie shopping time. And be sure to get on her email list while you are there so you can be the first in line for her monthly online show (with no chance of getting trampled going through the doors).


All four of the artists I have introduced you to so far in the “Buy Personal” series make it really easy to purchase from them online. So if you haven’t visited the others yet, Cyber Monday would be great time to do it.



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