Des Moines Arts Festival

Come see me!

While most art festivals in the country limit the work that an artist may show, Des Moines Arts Festival actively encourages artists to continue to grow and explore their art form between the time of application and the opening day of the festival. So, thanks to their “New Directions” program, I have a special treat for collectors in Iowa.

Say the words “Sneak Peek” in my booth this weekend and I will share with you some of my new work. I would love to get your feedback!



Not only with the “New Directions” program and top notch artists, but in just about all ways the Des Moines Arts Festival does it right! Here are a few examples:

  • Have legions of amazing volunteers that make it all happen, and a director Stephen King, who is kinda a big deal.
  • Gave us our requested booth placement across from some of our great friends and talented artists, Jim Brown and Lisa Burge.
  • Are committed to sustainability and producing a “green” event, with a plan to achieve a zero-waste festival by 2016.
  • Celebrate film with the concurrent Interrobang Film Festival, which can potentially also provide a much needed indoor respite from the heat (also extra credit for using the interrobang!?).
  • Have a great music line-up including 10,000 Maniacs, Iris Dement, and the BoDeans.

and last but not least:

Des Moines has a huge, huge crowd, rain or shine, that love the arts and the arts festival and are the real reason we return year after year!

Besides fantastic art what are the things that are important to you at an art festival?


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