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Andy Garrison

Heya – Kyle breaking in again.  I want to introduce you to someone you really should know, and not just because he’s so tall and charming and handsome (that’s what you wanted me to say, right Andy?).  Andy Garrison is someone I’ve been lucky enough to share a stage with, and luckier still to call a friend.  He’s a multi-talented dude with not only a tremendous gift for acting, but with a love and ability for teaching it as well.  It’s this teaching side that got me thinking about what to give someone that doesn’t want any more stuff, but would appreciate an experience that has the potential for challenge and growth.  It’s a perfect gift for anyone who likes discovering new things about themselves.

Anywho, you’ve been following this series, you’ve been inspired by all these creative types, and you want to try on that hat too.  So what is this magical place to do this, you ask?

The Actor Training Studio


For almost 15 years now Andy has been teaching all different sides of acting at his Actor Training Studio. And he’s such a good guy, you’ll have a ball learning it the whole time. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it so much that you start auditioning and end up on a stage or in a film! Stranger things have happened, you know.

Gift certificates or pre-paid classes are available, so how about wrapping up a fantastic experience for someone you love (or forward this post to someone shopping for you this holiday season)? learn more

Now for those of you not fortunate enough to live close to the inestimably lovely Andy, I’m pretty certain that there are analogous workshops in your town.  Ones where you can learn how to communicate more clearly and effectively, and also have fun trying on different characters.  Or plan a trip to KC to experience our great city, and schedule 1 on 1 coaching with Andy.  Besides, there’s no people like show people, right?


Chris’ note:

Looking to unlock your creativity but the stage makes your knees quiver like mine? Want to get your hands dirty and your mind open? How about a fantastic workshop with Lynn Whipple at Todd and Kiaralinds’a Whimzeyland in Safety Harbor, Florida. I can think of no better people and certainly no better place to inspire and help you explore your own creativity. And really who wouldn’t rather be in Florida in January, right? (Workshop dates Jan 11-13)  more info


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