Experience Art for the Holidays

I know, I know, you don’t want to hear it, but Christmas is just around the corner. Time is running out to get something to go under the tree (and buying directly from an individual artist sometimes does take a little longer). But just because you may have waited doesn’t mean you can’t still give the gift of the arts for the holidays, and you can even skip the wrapping paper!

How about tickets to live theater for a fantastic night out after the holidays?


Or signing up for acting classes with Andy Garrison to fully appreciate what happens on stage and screen?


A family dinner made with love by a local chef?


Really inspired by all of the great artists you have met? How about giving to the artist community as a whole?


Here are some of the beautiful people who work behind the scenes to make all of this wonder possible! You won’t always see them on stage, in the dining room, or at the art openings, but their contribution is just as important as the people you are seeing – and so is yours!



Alison HeryerPaul TylerSandi Corder-ClootzAndy GarrisonBeth BardenDonna MillerJohn StoryKathleen Anderson CulebroMackenzie GoodwinMel NeetMica ThomasPat ConwayRichard Walkershane RowseTara VarneyTerry Anderson



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