Favorite Moment

Favorite moment of Plaza Art Fair Week

I had an amazing time seeing lots of friends and collectors old and new, and the weather couldn’t have been better. But my favorite moment came early Friday afternoon, walking out of the radio station with my good friend and talented artist Lynn Whipple after being guests on the program Up To Date with Steve Kraske on KCUR.

Steve Kraske of Up to Date on KCUR

Of course neither of us could remember exactly what we had said, but we were sure the other had done fantastic. We knew that the cough button that seemed miles away from our fingertips did not get deployed. We had fun. We knew we could talk for hours (and we knew that we would over the next four or five days). Those magic minutes walking to the car, reveling in the good time we were having, sharing the experience and the laughs. I wish a fraction of that could have been caught on tape, I wish you could hear that.

At least you can listen to the interview though.
(As for me, I haven’t heard the recording – I am too scared to listen.)


Listen Here: Up To Date on KCUR




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