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“Just when you think you’ve seen every photograph you ever need to see at an art fair, someone comes along and grabs your heart with the strength of their imagery.” – Connie Mentzler


Writing office - Anacortes, Washington

Some of you that follow my studio on Facebook might remember that I had a mobile office in some spectacular places over the last month. Some of you might be wondering what I was doing morning after morning in my “office” while traveling. (Although not one of you asked so maybe it really isn’t that interesting!) Nonetheless, I was writing. Not my fun new pastime of writing short fiction, that is more like back of the checkbook kinda writing. This was writing about me, the hardest kind of writing – how I got started, why I do art fairs, that sort of thing. There are so many reasons I love doing what I do it was difficult to narrow it down, but I will save some of the reasons for another day.


But, you can find the culmination of that writing work here on Art Fair Calendars, where I am the featured artist of the month.

Or read the rest of Connie’s blush worthy introduction.


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