Filling our house with awesome!

This our favorite week­end of the whole year. The Plaza Art Fair is here, which means most of our very favorite peo­ple from around the coun­try gath­er in Kansas City to share their art­work. And lucky for us those very tal­ent­ed peo­ple choose to spend time at our house! (which means very lit­tle sleep but lots of inspi­ra­tion)


Vis­it the google map here and click on the stars to see who is under our roof!

(Sor­ry the code has defeat­ed me this morn­ing or it would be inter­ac­tive right here on my site, but we were up late solv­ing the prob­lems of the world and I have an art exhib­it to put togeth­er! Bet­ter luck next time)

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