Giving to the Arts

Inspired by all of the creative people I have been introducing you to but haven’t done anything about it yet?  –  How about donating to an arts organization!


Paul Tyler - Grants Director ArtsKC

In Kansas City? I can’t recommend ArtsKC, The Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City highly enough. And that’s not because they are one of the partner organizations that make possible the Artist Inc program that I am so passionate about, or that Kyle and I have both been recipients of the Inspiration Grants they award. I so strongly recommend them because they are making real change in the lives of many Kansas City artists, they are working to make KC the thriving creative place that it is becoming, and because they employ people like Paul Tyler that give so passionately and tirelessly to the art community. (Hint: By marking Inspiration Grant on the donation form you can ensure that your money goes to fund grants made to individual artists.)

Donate to ArtsKC here.


Want to reach further? How about CERF+,  Craft Emergency Relief Fund?  Remember all the footage of the Chelsea Galleries that were underwater after Hurricane Sandy and all the damage they sustained? The art critics and reporters showing up to let the nation know about the artwork floating in the flood waters? What you didn’t see was all the individual artists and craftspeople whose studios were effected ruined in the storm. CERF+ is a national artists’ service organization that steps in and provides assistance to craftspeople when disaster strikes, giving them the much needed boost to get them back on their feet.

Donate to CERF+ here.


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