Godley Texas to London England

Most of the conversations I had with individuals over the weekend may have faded from my (now warm) ears, but I found another reminder of why I love art festivals. As I typed my new collector’s information into my data base, amidst the banality, I was struck by the diversity of the addresses.

I can not imagine another venue of showing artwork that makes it (and me) accessible to such a wide range of people. Or, quite frankly, a better way to send my art out into the world into such a variety of places. The homes of 3 of the collectors I met this weekend speak volumes! I love thinking about the different stories my images can tell given the different contexts.

Is it what they dream about when they think of home? The reminder of their trip across the country? Or what they see when they look out their back door?


Mile Marker 256, 16x

Godley, TX
population: 997
area: 1.7 square miles
density: 523 people/mile

Greensboro, NC
population: 273, 425
area: 109 square miles
density: 2508 people/mile

London, UK
population: 8,100,000
area: 610 square miles
density: 13,410 people/mile





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