Godley Texas to London England

Most of the con­ver­sa­tions I had with indi­vid­u­als over the week­end may have fad­ed from my (now warm) ears, but I found anoth­er reminder of why I love art fes­ti­vals. As I typed my new collector’s infor­ma­tion into my data base, amidst the banal­i­ty, I was struck by the diver­si­ty of the address­es.

I can not imag­ine anoth­er venue of show­ing art­work that makes it (and me) acces­si­ble to such a wide range of peo­ple. Or, quite frankly, a bet­ter way to send my art out into the world into such a vari­ety of places. The homes of 3 of the col­lec­tors I met this week­end speak vol­umes! I love think­ing about the dif­fer­ent sto­ries my images can tell giv­en the dif­fer­ent con­texts.

Is it what they dream about when they think of home? The reminder of their trip across the country? Or what they see when they look out their back door?


Mile Mark­er 256, 16x

God­ley, TX
pop­u­la­tion: 997
area: 1.7 square miles
den­si­ty: 523 people/mile

Greens­boro, NC
pop­u­la­tion: 273, 425
area: 109 square miles
den­si­ty: 2508 people/mile

Lon­don, UK
pop­u­la­tion: 8,100,000
area: 610 square miles
den­si­ty: 13,410 people/mile





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