Happy Birthday to Us!


Kyle and I are soak­ing up the sights, sounds and fla­vors of New Orleans for our birth­days. (Thats right, plur­al, we try to be effi­cient around here.)

But I want­ed to stop by and remind you that Jan­u­ary is com­ing to its end, which means it’s your last chance to be includ­ed in the draw­ing for this piece of art­work in my Be Nice & Do Good cam­paign.

So how about show­ing a lit­tle birth­day love by donat­ing a few bucks to help the Mid­west Music Foun­da­tion do their good work. In addi­tion to the karmic points you’d be build­ing, maybe you’ll get a present for my birth­day! (bonus points for help­ing spread the word)

Don’t know what the heck I am talk­ing about? Start here.

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