History Vendor


A Scavenger Hunt Meets A History Lesson!

1 of three vending machines in City Market Park

1 of 3 History Vendors in City Market Park

Living and working in Columbus Park, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kansas City, I have come to appreciate the synergy between a neighborhood’s history, its residents, and the arts. I know first hand that a long history helps give a neighborhood identity, but it’s the creativity of its residents and visitors that, if engaged, can bring it life. And, of course you already know I am smitten by old photographs. So…

In History Vendor I am using vintage vending machines to freely distribute historic photographs of the area surrounding City Market Park. I invite participants through the use of photographs, maps and stories to explore the historically rich River Market District. The three machines will be on display through October. (Or until we run out of the 45,000 history cards we have to vend!)

May 16 – Oct 10, 2017
City Market Park
3rd & Main, KCMO


More information is on my new project specific website www.historyvendor.com

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