Holiday Traditions – Owen/Cox Dance Group

Jennifer Owen and Brad Cox

What do your holiday traditions look like?

I was recently talking to a group of friends about holiday traditions and I shared that I didn’t think Kyle and I had very many. It seems we are always in a different city on Christmas day, we don’t have children who eagerly run to see what is under the tree, baking in our tiny vintage oven is difficult at best, we don’t exchange presents with one another, and he is often providing entertainment while others are celebrating. But during our conversation I realized that we do have holiday traditions, they are just not traditional.

Our traditions don’t look like a Norman Rockwell painting, but then again neither does the rest of our life. Our traditions are perfect for us! And here’s a good one –

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

By the Owen/Cox Dance Group

with The People’s Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City

December 22, 2012

Folly Theater, Kansas City, MO

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One of our perfect traditions is presented by our friends Jennifer Owen and Brad Cox (Fun fact: Brad played piano at our wedding reception in 1993).The Owen/Cox Dance Group brings together a “who’s who” of Kansas City artists and musicians to breathe new life into an old classic. This isn’t your grandmother’s Nutcracker, instead it’s an adventurous exploration of the classic, complete with modern dance and free jazz. Fifteen musicians of the People’s Liberation Big Band, horn sculptor Mark Southerland, artist Peregrine Honig, and students from the Paseo Academy of the Performing Arts join to present a familiar story that turns out to be not so familiar after all.


Are your holiday traditions in line with your life and ideology? If not what can you do differently this year to create a new tradition? How can you include you local creative community in your holiday?

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