It’s Quiet Around Here

Too Quiet

The last of our artist house guests left this morning. Combine that with the end of the show season, and it is going to get really quiet around here. I am going to be happy to have the house and studio to myself for about a minute and then I’ll begin to miss all the noise and ruckus.

Knowing that you are all very busy, and that sometimes the important tasks that you would like to get to get pushed down the list for the urgent things that must be done, I have made a little something for you. A boilerplate to make things easier.


Mad Libs for Art Collectors:

Hi Chris, I saw your artwork in _________________, and I ____________ it! I didn’t buy it at the time because ______________ and _______________, but now I recognize my ____________ and hope to purchase ____ pieces. Please let me know if Mile Marker _______ and Mile Marker _________ are still available. I would be happy to pay you by ______________ as soon as my new artwork is ready to ship.

Thanks a ton, you are the best,



Mad Libs for Art Students

Hi Chris, I saw you artwork in _________________ because my ____________ made me attend. I was too busy ________________ to talk to you but now my homework is due. Could you please tell me ______________, ________________, and ___________________ in no more than _____ sentences. And my homework was due _________ ago so I need your reply quickly.




Mad Libs for Start-Up Art Shows

Hi Artist, I saw you at ________________, and really thought your work was ________________. I would like to invite you to apply to the inaugural year of our ____________ festival in the charming ____________ of ____________.  Our feature attraction is ____________, but it is a great opportunity for you to showcase your artwork and _____________ people will see it.

Please send your check along with ___________.




Please pick whichever one works best for you and email it back to me or leave it as a comment. Really! It is too quiet around here! Thanks!


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