Jewelry Heist – A Collection of Handmade Jewelry

I’ve gathered up some pretty jewels for you!

These beautiful friends of mine make beautiful handmade jewelry. Visit their websites to learn more about them and perhaps buy a thing or two for your shopping list.

While you’re there, buy yourself something this holiday season. You deserve it!

Michele Friedman’s website


Ayala Naphtali’s website


Cheryl Eve’s Acosta’s website


Christy Klug’s website


Donna D’Aquino’s Website


Janice Ho’s website


Kathy Frey’s website



Lisa Crowder’s Website


Susan Mahlstedt’s Website


Have you been following the “Buy Personal” series? If not, you should be!

I am highlighting the people in my creative community, which is comprised of our friends all across the country (and you too Jake). These talented people make things with their hands, write things, record things, perform things. They are the people that make our world interesting. I hope you will consider giving these things and supporting these people this holiday season. When you give the gift of the arts you are giving two gifts – to the recipient and to the maker. That’s a win in my book.

Check out the people I have already featured and subscribe to the blog using the box to the right so you won’t miss any of the awesome people coming up!







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