Just a few more…

Today we are making the last of our drive from Portland to St louis.


This is always the most grueling week of the year for us (but we thank our lucky stars that we get to do it!). You might have noticed in last week’s post that we had a show in Portland and then on its heels one in St Louis, and probably thought nothing about it.

But it is those three short days (23 hours in a day when traveling east) that have been lurking in our nightmares for the last few weeks. THREE short days to get over 2050 miles to the location where we will be setting up again tomorrow.


Saint Louis Art Festival
Booth #400
September 6-8
Clayton, Missouri


So St. Louis friends you should know, I take cream in my coffee, and feel free to wake me gently if you see me nodding off in my booth.


Perhaps just a few more reminders will sooth our aching seats!




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