Just in case – Best posts of 2013*

I’m working on some significant changes around the website. And truthfully I make each change as if I am going to break the thing and you will never hear from me again. So in case you missed something from last year, and my website and computer end up in a fiery ball in the yard or thrown into the river, here are the most popular posts from last year.


Little Free Library

Book Pusher

I’ll admit I have a second love in life after photography. A love that both fulfills and fuels my wanderlust. A love so deep and a desire so great that I have it tattooed on my shoulder. A young love that brought me ridicule. And a love that often keeps me from sleep at night. A love so great I am sharing it with the world on a street corner. more


Chasing the Rainbow

How did I end up here? (the not so short story I wrote last year for Art Fair Insiders)  Looking through the lens shapes my life and experience of the world. My art, my camera, and my life are inextricable – I am fortunate. more



A Fairy Tale

A poem and pictures of how the city of Guanajuato got its color. Read it now.


Pecha Kucha

What the heck is a Pecha Kucha? A presentation format used to combat “death by powerpoint”. We use this methodology in Artist Inc because it really requires you to hone your message and think thru what the critical parts of your story are. Wanna see mine?


Be Nice and Do Good

Every month I will select a piece of artwork to give away. (I still have some fabulous pieces from previous series that deserve a great home.) And at the same time introduce you to organizations I love that are doing good. Find out what the deal is.


So I do hope to see you on the other side of this digital update. But keeping in mind that I might disappear, please like my page on Facebook. And check back next week to see if we made it to the other side.


* I loved this last post so much I wanted to include it, even though it’s technically in 2014. Another perk of making my own rules.

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  1. blj January 17, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    You are such a talented writer as well as photographer! I love the way you write and I’ve enjoyed revisiting some of your best posts! lyl

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