Last Bite – Pete Dulin and Roy Inman

Do you plan out the “end game” for your dinner plate?


Pete Dulin and Roy Inman

Kyle, my husband, is perfectly willing to share a taste off his dinner plate. However, if he is nearing the end of his meal, you have missed your opportunity, because he has thoughtfully considered the closing strategy and decided upon his last bite, the one he will savor longer than the others, the one worth lingering over.

Food writer and editor, Pete Dulin, has given the same thoughtful consideration to his new cookbook, Last Bite. Pete, a long time champion of all of the creatives in Kansas City (former co-owner and editor of Present Magazine), has put together a fantastic collection of 100 simple recipes from the best chefs and cooks in Kansas City.

And Pete has partnered with one of my long time photographer friends to take stunning photographs of these beautiful dishes. Roy Inman was one of my favorite photographers to work with before I struck out on my own. When I worked with him in the hard-hat days of Kansas City’s Union Station, I believe I saw almost every inch of it as he made beautiful photographs of the craftsmanship that went into that renovation.


So Pete and Roy, for all the years you have selflessly shined the spotlight on others from behind the pen and the lens, it is time that the two of you take a well deserved bow.




Last Bite Cookbook is a celebration of so many talented people including Pete and Roy that I know it will be a perfect gift for someone on your list. If you have enjoyed reading about the creatives that I have featured, you should also add it to YOUR wish list, because not only does it highlight the recipes, but it also tells the stories of the chefs that created them. – And us creative types are pretty interesting, if I do say so myself.


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  1. Pete December 8, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    Thanks for the mention! You’re the best.

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