Laurie Anderson – The Beginning of Memory

Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed

With the recent passing of Lou Reed and the eloquent farewell that Laurie Anderson wrote to her husband, I have been thinking a lot about the last time I saw Laurie perform and how much she has to teach us. (As I must admit, Laurie has had a much bigger impact on me than Lou Reed ever did.)

Laurie Anderson gave the first performance that I attended in the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts (soon to be followed by my very favorite performer!) And despite the fact that the concert was over two years ago I can still feel the experience of one of her pieces. Even today I can think about it and be transported to another place, just as I was during that inaugural performance. I could feel and see birds moving through the beautiful Helzberg Hall as the sound swirled about me. I got goose bumps as the meaning of the piece landed.

In the same way that Laurie could make me see the birds flying through the air with her music, fellow artist and my friend, Jeff League can make me hear Laurie’s song. Both of these storytellers can transport me, make my mind fill in the gaps with all my senses, calling on all the art I have seen and heard before.

And isn’t that what great art does?!?!

Artist Jeff League, Birds in Flight Series #6



Please visit Jeff’s website to see and learn more about his mixed media photography!



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