Lucky, Lucky Me

Lucky, lucky, lucky me!

10702148_10152266725926230_2350670979481849685_nOne of the most amazing things about the life that Kyle and I have created is that we are constantly surrounded by such insanely talented people. Whether we are in Kansas City or out on the road with our intrepid traveling community, I am in awe of those around me. One of the perks of such a life is that we on occasion (ok, really, pretty often) we get to build our art collection by trading artwork with those that we admire so much.

One of our latest trades is with the very talented Greg Klassen, who is a furniture maker living with his beautiful young family near Bellingham, Washington. This summer Greg turned into an international furniture sensation when his work went viral, garnering press around the world, which makes me extra, extra lucky to have his work in my collection! (I hear the wait for his work is currently over a year!)

Thanks Greg and Barbara, I hope you enjoy your new artwork as much as we love our new coffee table!

Greg Klassen's beautiful table!

Greg Klassen’s beautiful table!


You should really follow him on Facebook, it is so much fun to watch his work blow up around the world!

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