My refuge

Our van and bags are packed and we are driving to the Des Moines Arts Festival today. I love the show. I love the citywide support. I love the director and his team of staff and volunteers. And I will be happy to be there and to see everyone, including some of my best friends.

But that doesn’t mean that I am not always a bit sad to leave my studio. When the work tables are cleared and the artwork from the walls is packed for travel, I usually find myself lingering. There is something about the bareness that allows my mind to wander and dream up all of the things I wish to make on my return. The freedom provided when the last thing is checked off the pre-travel to-do list fills me with energy and inspiration like no other time. A conundrum I suppose…

Good-bye studio, until we meet again.


Front studio with empty walls
back studio

Can you relate?

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