Natural Beauty – Jay McDougall

Check all the reasons that you connect with my artwork:


  • You find beauty in the simple line.
  • You appreciate the midwest and what it has to offer.
  • You require a respite from the pace that life is moving.
  • You love natural beauty.
  • You respect subtlety.
  • You recognize that the finest craftsmanship becomes invisible.
  • You desire well made things.
  • You understand the power of the whisper.


If you checked any of the above , or have someone on your list that would, I have someone to introduce you to:


Jay McDougall – Contemporary Wood Sculptor


Many of the homes I deliver my artwork to also have one of Jay McDougall’s sculptures. The tone and feeling of his work is certainly a sculptural equivalent of mine, and I have seen firsthand how lovely it looks on a entry table below one of my landscapes.

Visit Jay’s website to see his beautiful work, and while there be sure to read this blog post. It is the wood sculptor’s equivalent to the question I always get about photographing beaches and mountains.



American Elm Vessel


Bonus: The Utilitarian Workshop

The Utilitarian Workshop is a new modern collaborative design studio in Kansas City that shares the same aesthetic and ideology as Jay and I. They make the perfect table for Jay’s sculpture – which is the perfect compliment to my artwork. See how this is all coming together? Isn’t shopping personal fun?!?!

The Utilitarian Workshop needs our help getting their storefront off the ground. So how about making a gift to them this holiday season, and then you’ll have one more great place to shop personal next year.


Just arriving at the “Buy Personal” series? Here are some of the fabulous artists you have missed.



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