New Artist Statement

I wrote a new artist statement to take to Fotofest last month and almost forgot to share it with you.


Mile Marker 422v, 16x22Since I was eight years old, I have used a camera to quiet a world that contains too much visual stimulation for my racing brain. The lens gives me a distance from my environment, and acts as a filter to slow the intake of information so that I can capture what is before me. Once back in my studio, I am afforded the quiet space to consider the collected images, the silence that allows the dialogue to take shape.

I discovered an affinity for the sensibility and aesthetic of the 19th century photographers through my third grade pinhole camera and science fair experiments. With that continued inspiration I combine the materiality and optical quality of historic photographic process with contemporary materials and technology, creating quiet images of “in-between” spaces. I photograph islands of solitude, places with more memories and daydreams than fireworks, moments where we must be mindful to appreciate the subtle beauty that resides there.

Antik - Ciudad Guanajuato

Antik – Ciudad Guanajuato

During photography’s progression from the enlarger to the computer, I recognized the importance of my tactile connection to the images, the meditation of working physically in concert with the materials. It is in this process that I transform from observer to participant, showing the work of my hand to insert myself into the scene. Drawing inspiration from those earliest photographer/scientists, I created modern ways to explore the photograph as object, combining old and new to make works that have the artifacts found in the historic processes. Anachronistically, each piece that I create is singular; the material, handwork, and image combine to form an original object, one that lives outside the world of reproduction.


  1. Eric May 9, 2014 at 9:13 am #

    I like it. It makes the viewer appreciate the thought and care that goes into each piece.
    I would be interested to hear more about the places and subjects of your photos. Maybe the process of exploring these in between places.

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