New Artwork!

Here in the studio, things have cranked into high speed as we prepare for our first show of the season, the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival in Fort Worth, Texas. There is always much to do before departing, but the first one of the year always seems extra busy as we are a little rusty on travel after spending the winter in the studio. But in addition to being out of practice, the to-do list is in fact longer for the first one. Besides creating the artwork, we have to check to make sure everything that it takes to build a mobile gallery is in place – things like business cards, sales receipts, rain gear AND documenting and adding all the new work to the website.

I get to cross a big one off my list as all the new Mile Marker pieces for the next couple of shows have been photographed and added to the website galleries! I invite you to take a look and let us know if you would like us to put your name on one of them. We are happy to bring them to you at a scheduled show or ship them right to you doorstep.

Here is a small sampling:

(the rest of the new pieces can be found here.)


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