Pachydermal Cobbler – Mark Winter

Beth Bojarski & Mark Winter

Before the year is up I want to introduce you to just one more friend. I purposely didn’t do it before now because he was busy doing really important work and I was afraid you would bother him. Plus, I didn’t want to make you feel bad about what you weren’t doing with your holiday!

Mark Winter, a sculptor and a great friend of ours, lives in Milwaukee. Together we have traveled and camped, set things ablaze, done a death march across a deserted island, and been burgled by masked bandits. And, I have to say although I love this guy, I am a wee bit very relieved that he and Kyle don’t live in the same town – the trouble they could get into together is kinda unimaginable.


But earlier this month it wasn’t trouble Mark was creating.


Because, of course, it makes total sense that an automotive body worker turned metal sculptor/artist would be in Zambia, Africa, making a shoe for an injured baby elephant, Suni (pronounced sunny), who had been attacked with an ax. When asked how that had come about, his partner Beth Bojarski’s explanation was something like, “well, his friend in Norway that works with horses contacted him about it.” Yea… well sure…it totally makes sense now …not. I’m certain the whole story will be revealed when we have some quality porch time together with a few beers, but in the mean time here are a few photos to melt your heart. And, if they don’t, you definitely got a case of the hum-bugs for Christmas.

Next summer look for Mark and his sculpture as he travels to art festivals, including Kansas City’s Plaza Art Fair and Cherry Creek in Denver, where you can buy one of his artworks – after all, it isn’t cheap to be a pachydermal cobbler. You can also watch this blog where Mark and Beth post available pieces, although right now it looks like Suni’s shoe has taken precedent. And really who can blame him?


Suni with injurySuni with temporary wrapStill trying to adjust the shoeSuccessLook at that smile!Passed the mud testThank youThank you a lotI think I'll go for a walk now


More about Suni (videos):

What Mark found
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Suni attempts to wallow

Learn more about Suni’s home and how you can support her directly here.