Perth to Sydney

I love it when my artwork makes people recall found memories.

Trips to grandmother’s farm, family vacation in the back of a station wagon, listening to cicadas and eating watermelon at the height of summer.


So I REALLY love it when people share their memories with me. I was thrilled to receive the following email from a recent collector.

“My mother grew up in Australia and still has family over there. When I was a kid we decided to take a ride on the Indian Pacific/Trans-Australian railway as a family get-together (Perth -> Sydney). It is the second longest railway line in the world (behind the Trans-Siberian), and covers about 2700 miles in 3 days.

I was reminded of this because of your series called Terra Nullius; the railway crosses a place called the Nullarbor Plain (treeless plain) for about 1000 miles, and has the longest straight track in the world. I was expecting it to be the most barren, desolate place imaginable, eye-searingly monotonous. But in fact it was always changing, with grass and shrubs and rocks, and the horizon never stayed constant – it would always move closer or further based on a very subtle topography. Quite rich and engaging to watch as the landscape passed by.”

Thank you – yet another trip to add to the bucket list!

Do you have memories that I can share? I would love for you to send them to me!

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