Photography lesson circa 1903

This week while I was in Milwaukee I was gifted this book by our good friend, sculptor Mark Winter. He probably thought I could use a few pointers.

Picture Making for Pleasure and Profit

A Complete Illustrated Hand-Book on the Modern Practices of Photography In All Its Various Branches

by T Stith Baldwin
Published in Chicago, Illinois 1903

page 71: “Painters say the trouble with photography is that it reproduces with perfect fidelity the unimportant details of nature, but fails to portray her strength and character, her subtle moods, her brood effects. But occasionally the camera falls into the hands of an artist who handles it with the master’s touch, and the painters and sculptors and critics must applaud.

Too much detail is the weak point in nine out of every ten landscape photographs. The aim of the artistic photographer should be to preserve in his pictures that freedom from inappropriate objects and superfluity of detail which, by detracting from the simplicity, destroy their real strength and value.”


MIle Marker 361, 22x34


Thankfully this is the first page I turned to! I am waiting for your applause Mr Winter.

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