Pick of the Week, Nov 28

“I wanted to walk straight on through the red grass and over the edge of the world, which could not be very far away.

The light and air abot me told me that the world ended here: only the ground and sun and sky were left, and if one went a little farther there would only be sun and sky, and one would float off into them, like the tawny hawks which sailed over our heads making slow shadows on the grass.” ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


Landscape photograph on gold painted steel

Mile Marker 236, 16" x 22"


Please contact me to check the availability of this piece.


  1. Rebecca Stern November 28, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    Hello Chris!
    My husband and I are proud owners of one of your smaller pieces…and plan to acquire more some day.
    Meanwhile, we have recently moved to Calgary, Alberta from Fort Worth, and keep thinking of you and your art. Just in case you ever run out of subject matter in the US, we would STRONGLY recommend a road trip to the plains of central Canada. We were so struck by the vastness and soft beauty of the grasslands east of Calgary…it just seemed a place that could be better captured by you than anyone we know.
    Hope this finds you well and happy, and we will keep an eye on your site. Some day, we will add to our “collection.”
    Rebecca and Stephen

    • Chris November 28, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

      Thank you for your kind note, I love that my artwork is on your mind. I also hope that my work helps you see your new landscape, paying close attention to the subtle beauty of the plains. Enjoy your new adventure and I hope to cross paths soon. Chris

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