Play like a 10 year old

Kyle and I on 1st bike ride of the year!


Prompted by Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project (and coincidently the sister of a high-school friend of mine), I have been thinking about my favorite activities when I was 10. Reflecting on how many of them I am doing now, decades later, and if they aren’t in my daily practice, is it possible to add them. Would they still bring me pleasure and happiness? Because frankly, a life lived solely in my art and studio makes me a bore even to myself!


Here are some of the things I came up with.


  • Taking pictures – check – I began in 2nd grade and saved all my pennies for rolls of film.
  • Making things and selling them – check – potholders anyone? friendship pins?
  • Reading – yes, but there must be more time that can be found.
  • Writing – Maybe more fun projects like this?
  • Playing games – We can definitely invite friends over for card night more often.
  • Riding my bike – We got our first bike ride of the spring in last weekend. And our bicycles will travel with us to our next show!
  • Fishing – Didn’t get the fishing pole out once last year. I will do better. I will do better. I will do better.
  • Playing catch – Kyle and I used to play catch at rest stops all over the country when we needed a break from the van seat. We just unearthed our ball gloves when we “moved into” our new van. Look for us somewhere along the highway!


What were your favorite things to do when you were 10? Are they still a part of your life? If not, should they be?


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