Plaza Art Fair #13 – Thank you Kansas City!

What a welcome home!


After 13 years of doing shows around the country, my hometown show, my 13th Plaza Art Fair, provided the best show of my career! It was great to see familiar faces as well as make new friends at the show, so my special thanks to all that came out and made it a fantastic time! It really is all about the people!


Here are some of the awesome things about this week that you didn’t get to see:



  • Our street filling up with large vans signaling the arrival of our people!
  • An impromptu and delicious dinner party with a houseful of my favorite artists: Beth Bojarski, Mark Winter, Lynn and John Whipple, Jim Brown, and Gregory Story. (Ask them about the tamales!)
  • Helping Laura Robson orchestrate a surprise visit from Oregon. And despite the fact she hadn’t done a show with all of us in six years, it felt just like old times.
  • Laughs so hard on our car rides to and from the show that my side still hurt the next day!
  • Hosting a fantastic party for the artists after the show with the AMAZING help of our good friends from Pandolfi’s. I never want to host anything without these guys ever again!
  • Sitting back and thinking about the collected talent at the party, and the interesting lives they are leading traveling from all corners of the country (and Canada). A brain trust assembling in our house, overflowing onto the porch, driveway and yard!
  • Dozens of sleep deprived and staggering artists digging through the River Market Antiques the day after the show, and the show and tell that happens afterwards.
  • Card playing on Monday night that is so exuberant the house vibrates with the excitement. (Who knew that dime ante poker could get successful adults so wound up?)
  • Quiet porch conversations that begin to happen as the crowd starts to thin.
  • The energy created by having so many of our best friends gathered in one place to sustain us through the winter season until we all meet up again in Florida in March.
  • My new piece of artwork from Kina Crow that perfectly expresses how I feel when everyone leaves.

Somebody pleeeease come play with me!




  1. blj September 27, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    I love the subtitle of your new piece. I can still remember you yelling that from the curb when Joey would go off with his friends to play somewhere else.

    • Chris September 27, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

      She made the piece for me after hearing that story!

  2. Lynn whipPle September 27, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    How beautifully you captured what we all feel!
    It was a great show and a great weekend filled with all the glorious things any creative friend would wish for
    Thanks to you and Kyle for hosting us like family and providing a perfect space to play. LOVE YOU ALL!!

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