Plaza Art Fair #13 — Thank you Kansas City!

What a welcome home!


After 13 years of doing shows around the coun­try, my home­town show, my 13<sup class="ordinal">th</sup> Plaza Art Fair, pro­vid­ed the best show of my career! It was great to see famil­iar faces as well as make new friends at the show, so my spe­cial thanks to all that came out and made it a fan­tas­tic time! It real­ly is all about the peo­ple!


Here are some of the awesome things about this week that you didn’t get to see:



  • Our street fill­ing up with large vans sig­nal­ing the arrival of our peo­ple!
  • An impromp­tu and deli­cious din­ner par­ty with a house­ful of my favorite artists: Beth Bojars­ki, Mark Win­ter, Lynn and John Whip­ple, Jim Brown, and Gre­go­ry Sto­ry. (Ask them about the tamales!)
  • Help­ing Lau­ra Rob­son orches­trate a sur­prise vis­it from Ore­gon. And despite the fact she hadn’t done a show with all of us in six years, it felt just like old times.
  • Laughs so hard on our car rides to and from the show that my side still hurt the next day!
  • Host­ing a fan­tas­tic par­ty for the artists after the show with the AMAZING help of our good friends from Pandolfi’s. I nev­er want to host any­thing with­out these guys ever again!
  • Sit­ting back and think­ing about the col­lect­ed tal­ent at the par­ty, and the inter­est­ing lives they are lead­ing trav­el­ing from all cor­ners of the coun­try (and Cana­da). A brain trust assem­bling in our house, over­flow­ing onto the porch, dri­ve­way and yard!
  • Dozens of sleep deprived and stag­ger­ing artists dig­ging through the Riv­er Mar­ket Antiques the day after the show, and the show and tell that hap­pens after­wards.
  • Card play­ing on Mon­day night that is so exu­ber­ant the house vibrates with the excite­ment. (Who knew that dime ante pok­er could get suc­cess­ful adults so wound up?)
  • Qui­et porch con­ver­sa­tions that begin to hap­pen as the crowd starts to thin.
  • The ener­gy cre­at­ed by hav­ing so many of our best friends gath­ered in one place to sus­tain us through the win­ter sea­son until we all meet up again in Flori­da in March.
  • My new piece of art­work from Kina Crow that per­fect­ly express­es how I feel when every­one leaves.

Some­body pleeeease come play with me!




  1. blj September 27, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    I love the sub­ti­tle of your new piece. I can still remem­ber you yelling that from the curb when Joey would go off with his friends to play some­where else.

    • Chris September 27, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

      She made the piece for me after hear­ing that sto­ry!

  2. Lynn whipPle September 27, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    How beau­ti­ful­ly you cap­tured what we all feel!
    It was a great show and a great week­end filled with all the glo­ri­ous things any cre­ative friend would wish for
    Thanks to you and Kyle for host­ing us like fam­i­ly and pro­vid­ing a per­fect space to play. LOVE YOU ALL!!

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