“Laundry Day”, Ilus Davis Park, Kansas City, MO

I have a strong desire to make art accessible and relevant for as many people as possible. Because of this, in addition to my traditional studio practice I am also creating public art installations and exploring new ways to create meaningful interaction and dialogue. I hope you come along with me on this great adventure.

“Laundry Day” – Installation, Ilus Davis Park, Art in the Park, Commission by Kansas City Art Commission

“History Vendor” – Installation, City Market Park, Art in the Park, Commissioned by Kansas City Art Commission

“Gillis Art Lab” – Project Space inside Dahlquist Studio in KCMO

“Reflections” – Site Specific Installation, 1801 California, Denver Colorado, Commissioned by Arts Brookfield.


I also have several new projects in the works, please join the email list below to keep up with the journey.