So you want a piece of art? Excel­lent. You have options.


I only print a pho­to­graph once per size. This means that when you pur­chase a piece, you’re the only one who will ever have it or one like it. Unfor­tu­nately it also means (because you have such excel­lent taste and I would rather be mak­ing art­work than updat­ing my web­site) the piece you love on the web­site may already be liv­ing in some­one else’s home.


So Let’s talk:

Con­tact me to find out what is cur­rently avail­able. Let me know which images you love from the web­site and what size you are look­ing for. We can dis­cuss what, where, when, favorite books, bands, desserts, etc., and then I can send you some options. You say, “I love them all, but I want that one!” And the trusty ship­ping depart­ment will take it from there. Or, if you are in Kansas City drop me a line and make an appoint­ment to come by the stu­dio (near the River Mar­ket), visit a gallery that rep­re­sents my work, or visit me at an upcom­ing show.



Avail­able sizes, edi­tion of one:

  • 11″ x 14″ —  mat­ted only
  • 16″ x 22″ —  framed
  • 23″ x 35″ —  framed
  • 29″ x 15″ —  framed set of 4
  • 35″ x 51″ —  framed
  • 45″ x 29″ framed (set of 3)

(sizes rep­re­sent out­side frame dimensions)



All pieces (except 11“x14”) are floated in a museum style, flat black wooden frame, using only archival mate­ri­als and museum glass. The frame has been selected to show the art­work to its best advan­tage, like that lit­tle black dress with just the right cut.


Com­mis­sioned Work:

Have a spe­cific size you need? Need mul­ti­ple pieces to make a bold state­ment? Want to buy one for every­one on your hol­i­day list? I would be happy to talk with you. Please let me know the images that speak to you and what you have in mind and I will put together a proposal.



I can take pay­pal, credit card, check, what­ever is eas­i­est for you. I’ll ship you the piece, and then you will have a few days to get ready for the party to show it off to all your friends!


Fine Print:

Now, if for what­ever odd rea­son you’re not enam­ored with the art­work you ordered, let me know. You’re cool, I’m cool, and we’re both rea­son­able peo­ple. If you want to ship it back to me, and it arrives in fine shape, I’ll be happy to help you find another one for an exchange. Sorry no cash refunds,  but we should all live with art that we love uncon­di­tion­ally, yes?


Still have ques­tions? Drop me a note.