Reason #1 to start a workshop series

I love the gathering of creative people, because it always leads to the exchange of ideas, brainstorming, problem solving, and generally sharing their awesomeness. The traveling I do puts me in touch with such amazing creative people around the country, and leaves me thinking “what would happen if I could get these people under one roof”, “holy shit! what could we create together if we weren’t at this pesky art festival”, or “With this brain trust surely we can figure out how to rule the world.” I want to recreate that potential when we all have the free time to do something with it.


So what are we waiting for?

I met artist Sarah Hearn when she traveled to KC from Oklahoma City for an intensive Artist Inc facilitator training in March. It was immediately apparent that the way we approach artmaking, photography, and our thought processes had a lot of similarities, as well as enough differences to make it really interesting. I’m looking forward to Sarah sharing some of her bad-assery in my studio for the inaugural workshop in the new Toolbox Workshop Series.


ToolBox Series
“If all you have is a hammer everything will look like a nail”


Digital Fresco presented by Sarah Hearn

Nov 15-17, 2013


Dahlquist Studio
Kansas City, Missouri


Learn more about it!

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