Reason #2 to host a workshop

As an artist creating work full-time with lots of deadlines, it is easy to get stuck in my studio, stuck in my head, stuck in my way of doing things. It is essential to me (and all artists) that we give ourselves the space and time to play creatively. This is where new ideas come from. This is where we find a new approach to our work. New stories that we want to tell. Often we are not very good at allowing ourselves the space and time to do that, to explore without expectations. A workshop is a way to set aside some meaningful time where the main objective is to gather up some playmates and learn, play, and move our hands. Perhaps the new technique will show up later in my artwork in a direct way, maybe it won’t be visible to the viewer, but the effects will be undeniably there as I move forward with my work. And that evolution is a good thing.

Have you taken a workshop in the past? If so why?


ToolBox Series
“If all you have is a hammer everything will look like a nail”


Digital Fresco presented by Sarah Hearn

Nov 15-17, 2013


Dahlquist Studio
Kansas City, Missouri


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