Reasons 3-11 for hosting a workshop

Wow! That was fun!


Sarah and I

Some really talented artists gathered in my studio this past weekend to learn the technique of Digital Fresco from Oklahoma City based artist Sarah Hearn. I was so happy to host them all, but a big shout out to the travelers – Phil Smith from Portland, Kina Crow from Pittsburgh, and Lisa Burge from Taos. I am honored that you trusted me and my vision enough to travel so far to spend the weekend playing and learning in my studio. And to my Kansas City friends: Chris, Kelly, Alison, Laura and Jose – I look forward to seeing you soon. And, of course, a big thank you to Sarah for generously sharing her knowledge and skill with us. I can’t think of a better group of artists and teacher to launch my new series of workshops with!


It really was a hands on workshop, for me too! So much so that I took very few photos while we were making the work. Sorry… But can’t you see all the creative brains spinning in these photos.


We haven’t set the date for the next one, but there will definitely be more. If you are interested in taking (or teaching) a workshop at the Dahlquist Studio, please drop me a note!

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