Reasons to Give Art

Like many people we know, we have cut back on the number of presents under the tree. But by being mindful, and buying only things created by artists that we know – art objects, music, a night out at the theater, a meal at a friends restaurant – we are still giving plenty of gifts.


Give Art

When you buy art as a gift:

  •  You are introducing the recipient and the artist — the first step in building a relationship between the two.
  • You are helping the artist sustain their art practice, pay their mortgage, put groceries in their refrigerator, send their children to school and otherwise take care of their family .
  • You are adding your dollars to the creative economy, which is what sets each community and town apart and offers meaning and beauty to our lives.
  • You are opting out of traditional retail and big box stores, low wages, and imported goods.


  • And, You are giving a kick-ass unique present!


 A few talents I would like to introduce you to today – some that adorn your body, and those that adorn your home and walls.



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